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We offer a complete selection of funeral and cremation services. When choosing the type of service best for you, we believe there are some facts to consider.

For example, remember the family. When you are considering the type of funeral you plan to arrange it is important to discuss your wishes with your family. This way you can understand what is important to them, what is important to you, and what their needs may be.

Before talking to the funeral director, you may wish to consider some of the following questions:

  • What type of funeral service would you like?
  • Is there music, poetry, or scripture that has special meaning to you?
  • Is there a cemetery you prefer?
  • If you are considering cremation, what will be the disposition of the cremated remains?
  • What is the benefit for my family and friends of a visitation with the body present?
  • Is there anything at a funeral you have seen which you liked . . . or disliked?
  • How much cost is appropriate for you?

Funeral costs fall into three areas. In every instance a funeral home should, and must by law, give to you a detailed statement of all costs associated with the funeral you are planning.

The first area of cost is the charges from the funeral home for the services, facilities, or equipment it provides. It may be associated with the care of the body, the arrangement of the services, specific services such as visitation or funeral service, or the staff necessary to carry out your wishes. It may also contain elements of the general costs related to the funeral home's ability to be there when you need them, including things like telephone, insurance, taxes, and utilities.

The second area is for things that you may buy. These may include a casket, a receptacle the casket is placed into at the cemetery, an urn for cremated remains, or other items like register book and printed service folders.

The third area of expense includes other costs such as flowers, honoraria for those who take part in the service like organists or vocalists, and cemetery expenses.

Whatever your ideas for funeral or memorial services, the funeral home should be able to help you with suggestions and guidance regarding details and cost.

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