5 Good Reasons to Pre-arrange Your Funeral

Posted on January 15, 2016
There are many things in life we plan in advance—birthdays, weddings, vacations—but funeral arrangements is rarely one of them. But the secret is this: while it is a touchy subject, funeral arrangements should be among the many details you plan in your life. 

It is a difficult subject to talk about with family members and friends, but having this talk of a lifetime not only benefits you, but more importantly, your loved ones, and here’s why:

You are in charge of the arrangements.

By talking with a funeral home about what you would like at your funeral service, it guarantees that you have the service you want. All the details—big and small—can be planned in advance. If you would like a specific song played or a certain kind of flower, you have the power to let the funeral home know what you would like, and the funeral director can make it happen.  

Also, by speaking with a funeral home, they can make sure information that is needed at the time of death is gathered. Among the things funeral directors may need: biographical information for a death certificate, family members’ contact information, military records, or a picture for your obituary. You get to be in charge—which gives you peace of mind.

Family members can focus on grieving, rather than funeral arrangements.
Funerals are an emotional process—the family has just lost an important person in their life. Tack on funeral arrangements on top of grief, and it can be overwhelming for some people. There are many difficult decisions to make: burial or cremation? Open or closed casket? Rather than having your family decided, you can make those choices.

Pre-arranging you funeral not only reduces stress for your family, but it also gives them time to focus on celebrating your life.

It shows thoughtfulness for your family.
If you pre-arrange your funeral, family members will still need to come into the funeral home to make sure everything is set up and to meet with the funeral director. And we have encountered so many family members who are so grateful that their loved one left instructions for the services or that they pre-paid for the arrangements.

You get to work with the right funeral home for you.
Just like in any business, some funeral homes may be a better fit for you and your family than others. You can take this time to visit with funeral directors and make sure you are going to funeral home that you feel comfortable with.

You may have already started this process or maybe you want nothing to do with it. However, we assure you no matter where you are in the planning stages, meeting with family members, a funeral home, or preferably both, is beneficial in the long run.

It can save you, and your family, money.
While pre-paying isn’t necessary for funeral arrangements, for many people it could be a smart choice. It is something to look into while visiting with funeral homes—it may be in your best interest to lock in a price ahead of time.

However, if pre-payment isn’t something you are interested in, no worries! Just by going into a funeral home and looking at prices, you can get a general idea of how much a funeral or memorial service might cost, which can help you and your family plan for the future.

We want you, and your family, to have the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your funeral or memorial arrangements—by speaking with a funeral home, you can make sure that everything is as you want. 


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