• 12 Holiday Grief Management Options

    Posted on
    November 19, 2015
    1. Accept that there will be pain during the holiday seasons. Remember that your pain indicates the closeness of the relationship. Can you name what you miss about your loved one and write him/her a holiday letter or poem? 2. Go ahead and feel what you feel. Although others may suggest how you should feel, this is the time to affirm your own feelin... Read More

  • Five Things Your Funeral Directors Want You to Know

    Posted on
    October 07, 2015
    A funeral director is someone you will need to work closely with at the time of a loved one’s death.  We meet with many families throughout the year, and have encountered a variety of situations.  There are a number of things we wish our families knew.  Here are a few things you should know about: before, during and after the s... Read More

  • What to do when Encountering a Funeral Procession

    Posted on
    September 07, 2015
    It is likely that you have driven by or had a funeral procession pass you on the road.  It often can seem frustrating and inconvenient to wait for a long line of slow moving cars.  However, keep in mind that the family following their loved one to their final resting place is grieving and the deceased deserves respect from all of us in th... Read More

  • Losing a Beloved Pet

    Posted on
    August 07, 2015
    While many scoff at the idea of grieving for a pet, mourning an animal that you have taken care of can be very emotional and as taxing as losing a family member (in many cases, a pet is considered a member of the family).  Whether your pet has been a part of your life for a short time or many years, it is completely natural to feel the pain of... Read More

  • Closing Online Accounts after Death

    Posted on
    July 07, 2015
    It’s not uncommon to have multiple online accounts—everything you do on the internet leaves a digital footprint, and with every company wanting you to create an account, it wouldn’t be surprising to have dozens of unused usernames and passwords. So how do you go about closing down accounts of your loved ones? Or how do you prepar... Read More

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